About Genixit

Genixit, an Australian brand, was launched to fill an obvious gap in the market, to supply superior quality compatible parts to customers at all levels, at competitive prices.

They have partnered with reputable global manufacturers, whose focus is on using quality components, instead of looking for the lowest possible price.

All parts are designed & tested through stringent Quality Assurance processes, throughout the manufacturing cycle, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product available.

Genixit 62-in-1 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set

Meet the Genixit Professional Multifunctional 62-in-1 Lithium Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver and Repair Set – the perfect companion for DIY enthusiasts, professionals, repair experts, and hobbyists alike. This versatile tool is designed for a wide range of projects, from repairing laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, and watches to tackling tasks involving gaming consoles, drones, toys, RC cars, and various other electronic devices. Elevate your repair and DIY experience with the precision and convenience of the Genixit 62-in-1 Electric Screwdriver and Repair Set.

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Genixit Compatible Batteries

Introducing Genixit Batteries – your ultimate power solution for HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer devices. Our batteries are meticulously crafted to be 100% compatible, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Rigorously tested and certified, Genixit Batteries guarantee reliability and longevity, providing the power you need when you need it the most.

Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and welcome a hassle-free experience with our premium batteries. Each Genixit Battery comes with a 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your power source. Upgrade to Genixit and experience the perfect blend of compatibility, reliability, and longevity for your HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer devices. Power up with confidence!

Genixit Power Cables

Elevate your computing experience with Genixit Power Cables – the epitome of safety and reliability. Designed for both computers and AC adapters, our power cables are safety standards approved, ensuring a secure and efficient power connection for your devices.

Choose from popular connectors like C5, C7, and C13, providing versatility to seamlessly integrate with a variety of devices. Genixit Power Cables are not just a necessity; they’re an assurance of safety and quality in every connection.

Upgrade to Genixit and experience peace of mind with power cables that prioritise safety, reliability, and compatibility.

Compatible With Leading Technology Companies

Repair Revolution

Join the digital age responsibly as millions of electronic devices flood homes and businesses in Australia and New Zealand annually. E-waste is the fastest-growing waste category in both countries, with Australians generating 23kg per person and New Zealanders 20kg annually.

Repair, repurpose, or recycle: prioritise repair before disposal, and if recycling is necessary, use approved programs for safe disposal.

Let’s embrace technology while minimising its environmental impact.

Buy our most popular Tool Kits

Revolutionise your toolkit with Genixit! Discover unmatched quality and versatility with our selected toolkits designed to elevate your DIY and repair experience. From precision electric screwdrivers to comprehensive repair sets, Genixit tools are crafted for excellence. Choose innovation, choose reliability – choose Genixit toolkits for a seamless blend of performance and convenience.

62-in-1 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set

130-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set

10-in-1 Prying and Opening Tools Repair Kit

Buy Genixit Online Now!

Experience the ultimate in convenience with Genixit toolkits, batteries, and power cables available online through EMPR 24/7. Elevate your DIY and repair projects with our premium tools, certified batteries, and safety-approved power cables. Enjoy a fast and easy checkout process, bringing innovation to your fingertips. Upgrade your toolkit, power up with Genixit, and make your online shopping a breeze with EMPR 24/7.

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